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"Our main goal is to invest sustainable.
We choose our investments according to environmental, ethical and social principles."

Our principles of investment:

Pure Play
We only invest in pure play firms. But what exactly does that mean?
Pure play means a company that is focused on only one industry or product. Therefore other business lines like nuclear energy are automatically excluded which leads to a more pure investment portfolio.
10 fields of investment
For our investment strategy we decided to focus on 10 different fields, like solar or water. For more information regarding our fund please visit our fund.
This concentration on 10 fields supports the idea of pure play as well as our philosophy of protecting the environment.

What we don't do:

Best-in-Class is an often used concept for selecting companies for an investment portfolio. The basic idea is, no industry sector will be excluded for selection, but only companies which are ‘best in their class’ as they have a better record on the environment and human rights than others in their sector will be selected for the portfolio.

We make targeted investments in:

  • Production of renewable energy
  • Construction of Renewable Energy Plants
  • Energy saving and energy efficiency
  • Sustainable agriculture / forestry
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Health / education
  • Small social loans

green benefit sunflower

Source: Joujou /

We do not invest in:

green benefit atomic power plant

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  • agricultural genetic engineering
  • speculation with food
  • oil
  • fossil fuels
  • fracking
  • armor, cluster bombs
  • nuclear energy
  • harmful behaviour to the environment
  • alcohol
  • gambling
  • human rights violations
  • tobacco products
  • pornography
  • child labour
  • animal experiments