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  • BYD's electric bus cracks the 400km with one battery charge

    BYD is the world's largest manufacturer of electric vehicles

    - annual saving of 300 tons of CO2
    - 18 m emission free bus with space for up to 160 persons
    - 194 USD Petrol costs vs. 50 USD Electricity costs
    -> Savings of 144 USD (per day)
    Up to now, BYD electric vehicles have been used in more than 200 cities in over 43 countries.
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  • With Cree to LED
    Complete equipping of a car park with LEDs
    - high power consumption and heat generation
    - immense maintenance costs due to frequent defects
    - many dark corners despite lighting
    - 81% of energy savings
    - save $60,455 per year by reducing power costs
    - almost complete saving of maintenance costs
    - amortization within 2.5 years
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  • China Everbright - the Recycling-Allrounder
    163 environmental projects, including:
    - water treatment (approx. 30 million m³ water per year)
    - energy through waste-to-energy
    - from 5 million tons of waste p. a. 3 billion kWh of electricity p. a. will be generated

    reduction of 11,6 Mio. tons of CO2
    9,8 billion kWh of electricity out of „green energy“

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  • Africa self-sufficient with solar power
    - more than 70 % of the energy is currently generated from organic material such as wood or cow dung
    - optimal conditions for photovoltaics, since no infrastructure is needed for the distribution of energy
    - off-grid systems supply primarily sparsely populated areas independently with electricity
    - amortization of costs compared to kerosene or diesel after only 2 years
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  • Clean and cost-effective energy

    Solar and wind energy are cheaper than ever before and for a long time they have already left behind cost-intensive "dirty" energy resources such as oil and coal.

    - power generation without pollution
    - sun and wind as an unlimited source of energy
    - remote areas can produce their own electricity
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Sustainability and the importance of human coexistence

Klaus Töpfer, former Federal Minister: "Energy revolution is preventive peace policy. Whether nine billion people can live together peacefully in the world, is decided by the energy issue. Energy means development and prosperity. If everyone has enough to live on, there should be no more economic conflicts."

Sustainability in 2040

Jeremy Rifkin, future researcher: "In a quarter of a century, a large part of humanity, perhaps more than a billion people, will produce its own energy and will share it via the Internet of things - as billions of people with information do today. It took 24 years for 40 percent of humanity to use and provide virtual goods via the World Wide Web. Take this same amount of time again, and many more will be able to also create and share energy."