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The objective of the investment policy of the green benefit Global Impact Fund is to achieve the highest possible above-average growth in the value of its investments by investing in international capital markets. In selecting investments, ecological, social and ethical aspects are taken into account. The fund follows a medium to long-term investment approach.

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* Historical Performance is not a reliable indicator for future performance. The information considers all costs according to the BVI method.

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* All displayed values and charts represent the P-Tranche. Historical Performance is not a reliable indicator for future performance. The information considers all costs according to the BVI method.

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Investment process

Positive criteria

Our investment universe basically consists of the following 10 different sectors:

Hydrogen / fuel cells

renewable energies (solar, wind)

electric mobility / batteries

energy efficiency

drinking water treatment

organic food

health / education

sustainable agriculture / forestry

environmentally friendly products

green building / smart cities

Negative criteria / exclusion criteria


agricultural genetic engineering

nuclear energy


fossil fuels


genetic engineering

speculation with food

harmful behaviour to the environment





tobacco products

armor, cluster bombs

child labour

human rights violations

animal experiments


Non-ratification of the Kyoto Protocol

Labour Rights

child labour

human rights

death penalty

unfree states according to Freedom House

non-proliferation treaty violations


The Pure Play approach means that sustainable investments focus on investing in companies that are only active in a specific sector, such as hydrogen or solar. This ensures that conglomerates, which often have a certain – albeit small – percentage in nuclear energy or similar sectors that we exclude, cannot find their way into our portfolio. It is therefore purer (pure) and easier to assess sustainability criteria.

Examples of pure players in our portfolio

What we do not apply is the so-called best-in-class approach:

Best-in-class approach

The best-in-class approach describes a frequently used concept for selecting companies. The best sustainable companies are selected from all industries. In many cases, however, this approach does not go far enough, as the investor does not want the most sustainable oil shares, for example, but no oil shares at all.

Global stock fund

medium to long-term holding period

Small- / Midcaps

Growth Approach

Bottom-up stock picking

concentrated portfolio with 25-35 companies



Moringstar Rating

The green benefit Global Impact Fund acquired a top-rating of 4 stars from Morningstar which labels it as one of the best 22.5% of its category based on investment goals.

Sector: Ecology

Morningstar Rating 4 Sterne


The innovative MVD Fund Rating developed by Mountain-View Data follows a entirely different approach compared to other classic fund ratings. The focus is on which funds will be most successful in the future and not only on which fund has performed best in the past. The much stronger future orientation distinguishes the MVD fund rating from conventional fund ratings.

Mountain View 6 Sterne

The stronger weighting of current developments ensures that fund managers can in no way rest on their withered laurels in the MVD Fund Rating.

Simplified, the following calculation is used for the fund rating:

High (out)performance + rising trend + low risk = high MVD fund rating.

Fund Award 2021, 2022
Eco-Rating A - Euro

Absolut Research

The green benefit Global Impact Fund ranks among the top 10% in the clean-energy-stock sector over the 1-, 3- and 5-year time periods.

Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards

The Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards have been the global industry benchmark for over 30 years, reflecting an independent and comprehensive assessment of performance in over 17 countries worldwide.

Refinitiv Lipper Funds Awards

The green benefit Global Impact Fund won the Lipper Fund Award Germany (2021) in the category “Best Equity Fund Global 3 Years”.

EDA (06/2022)

The sustainability indicator “Ethical Dynamic Percentage” (“EDA”), for which Mountain-View even holds a patent, indicates the percentage to which a fund meets the standard requirements of the most important ethical, social and environmental criteria. A maximum of 100 points / percent can be achieved. Thus, the higher the EDA score, the more comprehensively the fund meets the sustainability standards.

EDA MountainView Rating Juni 2022

The green benefit Global Impact Fund received a score of 94 out of 100 points, ranking among the top 10 percent in terms of sustainability ratings.

Tranches / Downloads

The green benefit Global Impact Fund will be issued in two different tranches. The P-tranche is possible from a minimum investment of €25 and is eligible for a savings plan, whereas the I-tranche is possible from a minimum investment of €50,000.



Date of issue

25. Februar 2015

Capital management company

HANSAINVEST Hanseatische Investment-GmbH

Performance Fee

15% of the unit value increase per financial quarter with All-Time High-Water Mark

Issue surcharge

up to 5%

P Tranche


green benefit Global Impact Fund - P


LU1136260384 / A12EXH


up to 1.75%

Minimum investment


I Tranche


green benefit Global Impact Fund - I


LU1136261358 / A12EXJ


up to 0.95%